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                 BBQ Repair and Cleaning​

       Toronto to London including the Surrounding Areas

​​​​​​​​​I will inspect the components on your Barbecue just as they are illustrated  in the photo above. The burners will be inspected for dents, bends, cracks and holes. I will look to see your spider screens are in good condition. I will check your ignition and electrodes are  functioning properly. I will check that your control knobs are turning free and that the manifold is in good working condition. I will do a  leak test on your BBQ's propane / natural gas system's components hose, regulator, manifold, and gas valves to ensure there is no safety issues. The  nylon gas lines from the  propane tank / natural gas line from the house to your Grill to the manifold  and  from the manifold to the side burner and rear roticiry burner mind you that line to your roticry burner  will be stainless steel  but the line going to your sideburner will be some sort of nylon line. 

At this point the BBQ Cleaning will begin. Starting with the removal of the BBQs Burners. We will clean the inside of your burners with a venturi brush removing all traces of spider nests and loose rust. Then i will polish the rust ect. off the outside of the burners polishing the propane / natural gas orifices so they are completely clean and performing like new.  READ MORE ON ON OUR BBQ CLEANING PROCESS AT OUR BBQ CLEANING PAGE  

The Mechanical Inspection